Thursday, November 21, 2019

General computer knowledge Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

General computer knowledge - Coursework Example Dragging Dragging is an activity of moving icons or images across the display screen mostly by using a mouse button. In tablets, it can be done using touch. It can also be used for moving block of text across the display screen while keeping the mouse button pressed. Defragment Defragmentation is the process of minimizing fragmentation by organizing files into smallest contiguous regions. Defragmentation increases region of free space area by compaction. It tries to compact smaller files together that can be accessed sequentially. Defragmentation also improves accessing files in faster times as read/write operations is faster in defragmented files in comparison to system of fragmented files. Podcast Podcast refers to digital media that includes series of multimedia, PDF, ePub files that can be streamlined to mobile or electronic devices through subscription. Podcast’s etymology is rooted in the traditional word â€Å"broadcast† and â€Å"pod† of the apple product â€Å"iPod†. The process of Podcast applies the software â€Å"podcatcher† to web feed the series of multimedia, PDF, or ePub files from distributor’s servers for downloading any files. ... Digital entertainment industry applies Vodcast mostly for short video clips of 2-9 minutes. Vodcast is also used for marketing, blogs, and in combination with traditional medium. Scam (give examples) Scam in cyber world applies manipulation for gaining access of private information to stealthily deprive money of potential target. Phone scam is one of the recent tricks in which attackers represent themselves as technical support person of branded organization such as Microsoft or other large companies. They apply technical jargons to confuse the person and maliciously install a program bypassing Antivirus of computer to take advantage of personal information or forcing the client to purchase product of particular company. Phishing is another scam that sends mail from branded organization to target unsuspected victim. Phishing Phishing act tries to gain accounting or credit card information masquerading themselves as reliable representative of branded company. Social media, mail, or ot her websites tries to lure public into their trap and takes the person to website with malware. E-mail spoofing is also one of the ways to trap victim by deceiving them using similar looking logos or website of branded organization. Phishing applies social engineering methodologies to exploit technological naive. Urban legend (give examples) Urban legends refer to modern myth that has been created through repetition of false story mostly using the medium of Internet that provides the platform faster broadcast of the story. They increase the believability factor by personalizing the story that it has been happened to one of the friends. "The Infamous Modem Tax", "Craig

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