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Written Report - 1983 Words

A REPORT ON WRITTEN COMMUNICATION SKILLS OF NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE STUDENTS Prepared by: Ang Kar Yong Updated on: 3rd March 2013 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would like to thank my supervisor, Ms. Sylvia, for the valuable advice and support she has given me in the writing of this report. I would also like to thank her for her encouragement and guidance. ABSTRACT This study was to investigate which aspects of written communication should take priority, and to provide the appropriate recommendations to improve on National University of Singapore (NUS) students’ written communication skills. It was requested by NUS on 8th February 2013. The investigation was done by Eka Training Group, supported by Centre for English Language†¦show more content†¦Listening skills Written communication skills Intercultural skills Oral communication skills Interpersonal skills What do you see as the most common barriers to effective communication in your workplace? 49 89 100 105 73 Figure 1. Common barriers to effective communication 2 The major finding of the investigation was that a majority of the respondents believe that email writing skills are very important in their job. Referring to Figure 2. 96.7% of all the respondents perceive email writing to be important or very important; 88.2% of all respondents perceive report writing to be important or very important; and 80.2% of all respondents perceive proposal writing to be important or very important. Not at all Somewhat important Important Very important N/A How important is each of the following skills in your job? 150.0 112.5 75.0 37.5 0 Email Letter Report Proposal Figure 2. Types of writing skills and its importance 3 In addition, many of the respondents state that they commonly and frequently write emails in response to enquiries/requests, information sharing with their colleagues/staffs and to request for information. Referring to Figure 3. 50.3% of all respondents indicate they write emails in response to enquiries/requests more than 10 times per month; 48.5% of all respondents indicate they write emails to shareShow MoreRelatedWritten Report1258 Words   |  6 PagesBusiness Law/Module #2 Written Assignment Case Study #1 In the case study regarding the actions of the Students for Fair Tuition and Steve Steel there are several reasonably clear factors involved as well as a few unknowns. It is clear that not just one, but at least a few crimes were committed. Steel’s actions can clearly be described as an assault on Prudence Pimply. It does not appear that the actions would also include battery as there was no direct or indirect physical contact thatRead MoreMusic Industry: Written Report1615 Words   |  7 Pages218 Teaching Team: Bob Brazill Andrew Fryer Justin Morey Sam Nicholls Guest Speakers tbc. This assignment is one half of the work required for this module. You will also need to complete Assignment 1. Assignment 2 (of 2) - Written Report (50%) Answer one of the following questions (1600-2000 words) 1. You are a member of a band which is receiving considerable interest from major and independent labels. Using examples from the industry, discuss: i. The advantagesRead MoreWritten Report Of Play Assessment Essay1655 Words   |  7 PagesWritten Report of Play Assessment Student ID #: __1144284________________________ Section _61__ Additional Information About Client/Description of Client 1. Context of Interview: L.W. was interviewed at his house at approximately 5 p.m. on a Sunday afternoon. His mom, dad, and brother were present in the house during the interview. Before beginning the assessment, L.W. and I played catch outside for about twenty minutes. L.W. and I then completed the play assessment together in the kitchen whileRead MoreWritten Report Sample I.P.T2080 Words   |  9 Pages| I.P.T Major Assessment Written Report | System Development Cycle | | | | | Understanding the Problem Monster Tours have hired for the purpose of designing a solution to the problem of needing a means of attracting investors to the business with a multimedia presentation with the hope of them purchasing a franchise and setting up their own company based on the original Sydney based firm. I am also needed to increase demand for the companies’ travel packages resulting in increasedRead MoreWritten Report for â€Å"July at the Multiplex†6160 Words   |  25 PagesWritten Report For â€Å"JULY AT THE MULTIPLEX† MEMORANDOM TO: Mr. Mull T. Plex and the Consortium FROM: Team 1 DATE: March 6, 2011 RE: Legal, Statistical, and Ethical Analysis of â€Å"July at the Multiplex† As per your request, we have arranged a report based on the incident that plaintiff, moviegoer Tommy, has filed a civil complaint about. This incident involved Tommy’s visit to the Royal 16 Theater, your property in the Eastfield Mall, intending to watch a movie, â€Å"The Governator.† This analysisRead MoreThe Importance of Well-Written Business Reports608 Words   |  2 PagesThe Importance of Well-Written Business Reports Introduction Some practitioners suggest that because reports are written for business executives who want them, they do not need to be concerned about holding their readers interest. Others, though, maintain that good writing is needed in any business communication to ensure that the recipients understand what is being said and will be in a position to make decisions using this information. To determine which perspective is more accurate, this paperRead MoreReviewing An Report Written That Should Address The Points982 Words   |  4 Pages reviewing report written that should address the points - Recommendations, improvement of the work Should draw Markov state diagram, Should make some experiments and tests, Should study, apply, circular statistics ,Should draw some curves on 2D or 3D, Should deduce TPM (transition probability matrix), TRM (transition rate matrix) for Markov process, Should deduce the utilization factor of the roads, Should deduce the maximum capacity of the road ,Should deduce the local balance equation and studyRead MoreIntroduction. This Report Is Written To Devise Personal1536 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction This report is written to devise personal financial plan for Tim Ellie who are in their late 50’s. This report will consider the early retirement plan of Tim and how it will affects its’s pension expectations so as to devise suitable investment strategy for him. Besides these it will also discuss how Tim’s early retirement will affect Ellie’s financial plan. Finally, it will also provide recommendations to ensure the financial security of the family. The entire analysis will be doneRead MoreWritten Analysis and Communication: Report on Homesafe Limited1033 Words   |  5 PagesHomesafe   Ltd.       Written   Analysis   and   Communication       Instructor:   Dr.   Seema   Khanvilkar       Submitted   By:    Apurv   Jain,   D023    Shreyansh   Jain,   D027    Mohit   Sejwal,   D055    Vinay   Pal,   D045    Sahil   Bhavnani,   D006    Aman   Jakhar,   D030          Letter   of   Transmittal    To, Dr. Seema Khanvilkar, Business Communication Faculty, SBM, NMIMS – Mumbai Date: 4th MarchRead MoreThe Art Of The Police Report By Lera Boroditsky1125 Words   |  5 Pages Ellen Collects â€Å"The Art of the Police Report† complements Lera Boroditsky article on â€Å"How does language shape the way we think† by supporting the proposition constructed in her piece. Boroditsky claims that language exhibits a substantial portion of constructing humanities mental capacity and therefore is not only important but essential for proper communication amongst individuals. Speaking on behalf of Collett’s thesis, throughout his article, his writing affirms Boroditsky premise by mentioning

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