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Franz Kafka s The Metamorphosis - 1544 Words

Franz Kafka, struggled throughout his life with isolation, which is clearly a great influence and inspiration in his work, The Metamorphosis. Franz Kafka was born in 1883 to an upper middle class Jewish family in Prague. Kafka struggled with many problems in all facets of his life, most significantly in his his health, his relationships with the people in his life, and his relationship with work. Each of these problems contributed to his isolation, which is reflected in his character Gregor Samsa’s isolation from the world around him. The early 1900s, the time in which Kafka did much of his writing was marked by events such as World War I, which notably shaped popular opinion and the literary style of the time. The shift from the†¦show more content†¦This was the first time most people were exposed to such a serious level of horror and pain. Writers could no longer relate to the sense of romantic optimism. The modernism movement itself is based not upon history or the events of the time, but on the alienation, loss, and despair so deeply rooted in the minds of everyone affected by World War I. Modernism is built upon the foundation of a few main tenets. After World War I, modernism displayed the sense of disillusionment and fragmentation people felt in regard to their world (The Editors of Encyclopedia Britannica). To show off this fragmentation of reality, writers used surprising metaphors for the internal states of their characters. A new style that emerged in modernism is stream of consciousness. In stream of consciousness writing, fragments of thought break up the narration in order to more closely assimilate the way that humans actually think. Another important tenet of modernism is the â€Å"the world is what we say it is† quality in which there is no absolute truth in the reality of the narrative because everything is relative. In Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis, the stream of consciousness style and the â€Å"the world is what we say it is† quality are the elements of modernism that are most notable. These traits are shown through the narration of the main character, Gregor Samsa’s thoughts and through the reaction of his family to his sudden transformation into aShow MoreRelatedThe Metamorphosis Franz Kafka s Metamorphosis1663 Words   |  7 PagesIn The Metamorphosis Franz Kafka tells the story of a young man named Gregor who observes the radical changes in his life after transforming into an insect. Gregor’s life was centered on his job as a traveling salesperson and his family. One morning Gregor woke up transformed into an insect. Afraid of the transformation Gregor stays in his room and ignores calls from his family. When Gregor realized that his new body did not allow him to have a normal life, he tried to adapt. After his metamorphosisRead MoreMetamorphosis By Franz Kafka s Metamorphosis1496 Words   |  6 PagesIn Franz Kafka s Metamorphosis, Grete changes from a child into an adult while also trying to do the opposite with her own family. Gregor’s metamorphosis leaves her family without anybody money to pay for their needs. Consequently, Grete replaces Gregor and begins to cook and clean for her family and go to work. These jobs allow Grete to become more experienced and to mature. Similarly, Grete shows displays these changes by dressing more provocatively and becoming more interested in romance. HoweverRead MoreReview Of Franz Kafka s The Metamorphosis 958 Words   |  4 PagesBibliography of the Life of Franz Kafka There are several aspects about the writing of Franz Kafka that make it enticing to the reader and tantalizing enough to keep the reader intrigued. The narrative that I find most intriguing by Kafka is The Metamorphosis. The Metamorphosis is a tale wherein Kafka essentially gives his perception of the story of his life through the use of storytelling devices, which without the use of them would have made it a less interesting tale. Franz Kafka was born on July 3rdRead MoreAnalysis Of Franz Kafka s The Metamorphosis 3979 Words   |  16 PagesAustin Day Professor Imali Abala English 357 18 February 2015 The Theme of Alienation in Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis The Metamorphosis written by Franz Kafka in 1915 is said to be one of the greatest literary works of all time and is seen as one of Kafka’s best and most popular works of literature. A relatively short novel; the story explains how the protagonist, Gregor Samsa wakes up one morning to find himself transformed into a vermin which completely estranges him from the world even moreRead MoreAnalysis Of Franz Kafka s The Metamorphosis 1087 Words   |  5 Pagesmercy were ignored. Franz Kafka’s novella is not about a dictator but it alludes to a person close to Franz that was as close to a dictator that he ever go to. Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis, is about a young man that wakes up one day and is a vermin and has to maneuver around his home and come to terms with his six itchy legs. It probably sounds like a load of fictitious ramblings that somehow became a classical novel. Wrong! Look a little closer and the secret message Franz Kafka wrote for his fatherRead M oreFranz Kafka s The Metamorphosis882 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"The Metamorphosis† is a surreal story by Franz Kafka surrounding the transformation and betrayal of Gregor Samsa, who wakes up one day, reborn into a large insect. Along with the bizarre and nightmarish appearance of his new hard back, brown segmented belly, and many legs, Gregor only desire is to live a normal life, unfortunately, this is impossible because he struggles to even get out of bed. Gregor transformation into an insect is a vivid metaphor for the alienation of humans from around theRead MoreFranz Kafka s The Metamorphosis1222 Words   |  5 Pagestear you down. In Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis this destruction is what is seen in the Samsa family. Through what they believe to be necessary, Gregor’s family destroys the environment that he knows, Gregor Samsa destroys his family, and Mr. and Mrs. Samsa bring unnecessary destruction to both of their children. The very nature of Kafka’s The Metamorphosis is change and the effect on people. The first very obvious change is that of Gregor Samsa into a â€Å"monstrous vermin† (Kafka 3). However, oneRead MoreFranz Kafka s The Metamorphosis814 Words   |  4 Pages When Franz Kafka first penned his short novel The Metamorphosis in 1915, he had no idea that it would become one of the most influential pieces of fiction of the twentieth century, continuously being studied in colleges and universities across the Western world. The novel rotates around the life of a man named Gregor Samsa, who wakes up on a routine day, and suddenly finds himself transformed into an insect. As the story progresses, the reader can see how Gregor’s physical transformation triggersRead MoreAnalysis Of Franz Kafka s Metamorphosis1985 Words   |  8 Pagestruly seen? Does one view one’s external self, or do they see a reflection of past experience? Not many have the value of altruism, bu t some do. Sometimes altruism can turn extremist though, to the point where it can be a negative thing. In Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis, the main character Gregor Samsa is a workaholic that randomly one day awakens as a bug. Initially, Gregor sees himself with a condition, and then slowly tries to adapt to his bug transformation. Gregor did not put himself first when heRead MoreFranz Kafka s The Metamorphosis1630 Words   |  7 Pagesomnipresent in the context of Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis. Throughout the story, the Samsa family struggle to balance their own lives and the sympathy for Gregor, the only son, as his transformation from human to cockroach leaves a burden on the family and results in the loss of Gregor’s humanity. Despite the fact that Gregor had been the sole income of the family, the loss of humanity from becoming a cockroach was overwhelming to the family, resulting in selfish tendencies. Kafka displays how humans are

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